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Disacos Paslaugos was established in Vilnius in 2018. Our goal has been to give clients the flexibility to plan their human resources by constantly monitoring trends in the job market. We work in Lithuanian and international markets, and our clients are global manufacturing and trading companies who have been in operation for many years.

Disacos Paslaugos passed the audit for B+S logistics by TÜV.

We are pleased to have achieved a very good result in the audit.

The result of the audit proves the current status as well as deviations and potentials for optimization on the basis of a defined test basis. The annual repetition of an internal audit serves to maintain, monitor and improve the management systems and, thanks to the neutral evaluation, it provides impetus for improvements within the company.

The audit includes observations of processes, discussions and interviews with selected employees, but also the review of company material such as process descriptions and (quality) management documentation. Deviations from the desired target state are noted and discussed in a final meeting with the management level.

We have fulfilled 100 % of the KO points (this is mandatory) and 98 % of the audit points have been completed (at least 85% are required to pass the audit).

We have published the results page from the audit report here.

The mission statement of iGZ – guarantor for good and innovative temporary work. If you want to read more about it, click here:

Disacos Paslaugos is a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V. (IGZ). 
As the industry association with the largest number of members in Germany, the IGZ promotes the interests of temporary employment agencies and their employees.

“As an association, we offer our more than 3,600 members support in the areas that are important for a functioning business and the industry. In addition to political representation of interests, legal advice and training and continuing education, we ensure that the temporary staffing industry is perceived by the public.
The backbone of the iGZ, which was founded more than 20 years ago in Münster, is formed by the members with their honorary functionaries. The functionaries are contact persons on a regional level, are involved in fundamental questions of personnel services or in collective bargaining policy. They are supported by staff at the head office in Münster and the capital office in Berlin.”
“Personnel service providers need trust in their services. Membership in the iGZ creates this trust because it is understood by customers, employees, and institutions as a seal of quality. iGZ members stand for the values of fairness, reliability, respect, trust, and seriousness, which are anchored in the iGZ code of ethics”


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Yes, the work is suitable for both individual workers and couples or friends.

Working on a standard work scheduleThere is also shift work. 

Yes,  when traveling on a business trip,  the employer provides accommodation for the employees.


Transport to and from work in Germany is provided free of charge.  

Travel expenses for a business trip to Germany are reimbursed.


Yes, any valid personal bank account is acceptable.

People are accommodated according to their needs and the capacity of rooms, with up to 3 people sharing one room. Couples live in a private double room. 

This is an option for longer-term employees.


Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of rooms. Newly arrived staff are accommodated in a clean room.