Staff Selection And Recruitment

Staffing (also known as staffing or temporary employment) is a modern service that allows for the flexible management of human resources, simplifies the administration of employment relationships, and increases the efficiency of staff management. With this service, employees are selected according to the client’s needs (education, work experience, languages, ​​and skills) but are employed by our company and hired by the client. The benefit for the client lies in the fact that we assume the obligation to administer the employment relationship, pay the agreed salary to the employees and take care of their social guarantees. Staffing is beneficial:

reduced administrative responsibilities related to personnel management, recruitment, dismissal, payroll, and other tax accounting;
reduced time required to search for and select employees;
quick control of the situation in the event of unforeseen changes in your business.

If the employer so wishes, we can also take over:

Occupational safety training;
Calculation and payment of wages and allowances;
Coordination and cost of business trip expenses, preparation of orders, Assistance in organizing the trip (we cooperate with agencies);
Payment of taxes (social insurance, GPM);
Administration of employees’ work and accounting of their working time;
Holiday funds;
Assistance in consulting on various issues related to the Labor Code;
Project administration.


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